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Moe & Me

The fact that Lorne Rubenstein has a new book out is good enough for us.  His A Season In Dornoch  is one of the best books ever on the subject and should be must reading for anyone heading to Scotland or who is just having a mid-life wanderlust.

Several years ago I was at a demo day where Moe Norman was giving a demonstration for Titleist.  He hit about 20 drivers on a rope that all landed within a yard or two of each other.  The coolest part though is that the tee never moved…he picked it off clean as can be time after time.

Then he asked for a volunteer.  The brave hacker from the crowd took Moe’s club and cranked one pretty good…the peg went flying out on the range.  Moe looked at the shot, then at the golfer and said in a low, fast mumble, “loved that tee, had it seven years.”

I for one am going to buy this book.  It’s about one of the great characters in a game of great characters.

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Golf’s Abundant Elements: Lessons in Life I’ve Learned From My Dad

Two of the things we really love at GSWL are club pros and golf stories about Dads.

Long time Top 100 golf instructor Carol Preisinger is the daughter of a golf professional…not the TV take 5-minutes to hit a shot kind, but the very best the game produces…the one that looks after the junior golfers, fixes the shanks on the morning of the club championship, and runs the member-guest.

She’s repaired her share of lousy swings and now has turned her passion for golf and family into a story of love…one between a Dad and his little girl.  Can’t wait to read it.

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Golf Digest Podcast on Tiger Woods



If you really really really love golf, this is the sort of insight you are looking for from the media.

Golf Digest and Golf World Senior Editors Jaime Diaz and Bill Fields are as good as they come in analyzing the entire game from its history to those who play it now.

This 9-minute podcast was just produced at the PGA and is well worth a listen.

Check it out here


Golf Digest Tweet River


All the cool cats from Golf Digest and Golf World magazines are tweeting from the US Open.  That’s not news but what’s neat is they are all aggregated in one place in a new fangled thing called a Tweet River.

Not sure if  this river is a lateral hazard or not but it’s still fun.

Check it out here



Tim Rosaforte

If you are subscriber to Golf World Magazine you are entitled to the one-year-old Golf World Monday digital magazine every week…along with your weekly magazine comes the digital edition in your inbox by 8:00 AM.

It’s a reason to plunk down your 30 bucks or so to get it.

Linked here is the piece penned this week from the best scribbler in the business, Tim Rosaforte.

I hope the link works, if not I’ll figure out another way to post this for you.

A lot was written and said about Seve Ballesteros over the weekend but none more eloquent than this…enjoy.


Wonder Girl: The Magnificent Sporting Life of Babe Didrikson Zaharias

When I was a kid my dad used to tell me stories about “The Babe” and how she was not just a great female athlete but maybe the best athlete of her time, end of sentence.

Wow, that’s hard to believe but as an Olympic Gold Medalist and U.S. Open champion, it can’t be that far off either.

He told me that once while visiting a military office during WWII where there were rows of women typing out correspondance at their metal desks,  she asked one of the ladies if she could sit in her chair and went on to stun the room with her typing skill.  None had ever seen such speed and accuracy.  God sometimes gives it all to one…and she was it.

This book is going in the Kindle as soon as it’s out on June 2nd.

Pre-order it here


“There’s Life In The Old Bear Yet”



From Geoff Shackelford’s BLOG a neat idea.

Everyone “of a certain age” remembers where they were during the final round of the 1986 Masters.  I was at work at the golf course watching on a 13-inch TV with rabbit ears…I’m not kidding.  The good news is the place resembled the scene in a Stephen King novel after the bomb went off…we were alone.

Geoff is asking his readers to describe where they were and any memories of what was maybe the most famous final two hours in golf  history…at least televised golf.

Go here on Monday the 28th to enter your story


Miracle at Merion


A Father’s Day must-have…the story of Ben Hogan’s miraculous victory in the 1950 U.S. Open at Merion just 16 months after his devastating car crash.

The USGA has awarded David Barrett’s new book the Herbert Warren Wind award for 2010. Joined by past winners The Greatest Game Ever Played (Mark Frost, 2002) Hogan, An American Life (James Dodson, 2004) , and Tommy’s Honor (Kevin Cook, 2007) makes it good enough for me.

I could tell you about the 6-5-6 finish I had the last time I was there, or the cool belt I bought in the pro shop that doesn’t fit anymore, but you’re probably better off reading this account.

Read more and buy here